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Dal curry, spinach & chicken massala
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Dal curry spinach

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Wednesday, 9-Jun-2004 00:00
Indian Food / Galare Food Center
I'm receiving quite a bit of positive feedback on these pages, however one point that has been made a couple of times was that many of the places are so far away, and/or hard to find for someone who's only visiting Chiang Mai. To help locating these places I now including little map-location images with (almost) every entry. And I can of course just review some more places that are closer to the tourist trail.. I used to almost consciously avoid reviewing those, as I figured that most people stumble upon these places all by themselves, and the most 'authentic' and 'best value for money' kind of places tend to be a bit outside of the tourist center.

Yet many places on the tourist trail are definitely worth mentioning, and I've started to add these with places like Mango Tree, Jerusalem Falafel, Upper Crust Cafe and so on. Especially for international food, many of the best places are of course located in touristed areas.

And it doesn't get more touristed than this: The Galare Food Center at the Night Bazar! Like the more common food centers in department stores, this is a collection of separate food outlets that uses a coupon system to let you buy dishes from as many outlets as you like. See http://chanchao.fotopages.com/?entry=76217(this review of the Carrefour Food Center) for an example. Galare offers something extra though in the high season, which is a free show of traditional Thai and Lanna dance performances on a stage near the open-air eating area. This makes it a fun thing to do for dinner, you get a lot of variety and it doesn't break the bank.

One outlet in particular deserves a special mention because the type of food it serves is so hard to find elsewhere in Chiang Mai: Cheap Indian Cuisine. There are several Indian restaurants in town, most of them also in the general Night Bazar area, but most of them are rather up-market ‘white tablecloth’ proper restaurants, a la The Whole Earth. I have a friend who is a very recent immigrant from India, and apparently none of it tastes like home. :) So might as well pick one that’s the most affordable and informal, which I think is this one called ‘Naina Indian Food’. The menu is actually pretty large, and they also make their own nan breads in a clay oven right there at the counter. Prices are very friendly, with many of the simpler curries going for 30-40 baht, up to 70-80 baht for some of the meat dishes. There’s a vegetarian-only section as well. For vegetarian Indian food another place that I could mention would be the Sikh-Indian deep into Moon Muang Soi 9. I include a couple of pictures of that place too, though I think the Night Bazar is tastier, faster and has a much bigger menu.

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