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Phrae Ice Cream, Dessert & Fruit Shakes
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Phrae Ice Cream

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Friday, 11-Jun-2004 00:00
Fruit Shake
Not many road-side food stalls can be described as 'cute', but check this one out! It sells ice cream, Thai desserts of the type I reviewed further below, and fruit shakes. Let's dwell on fruit shakes a little more. It seems that even in recent issues of the eternally popular Nancy Chandler's map of Chiang Mai, (you know, the one coloured like Nancy was on a pretty wild LSD induced hallucination), Daret's Guesthouse at Thapae Gate is still touted as a great place for great fruit shakes. (http://www.nancychandler.net/product.asp?pId=12(nancy's map)) Daret of course is a great place for watching Songkran, with 'acceptable' fruit shakes but with a rather limited choice of fruits. :)

Just about any road-side fruit shake stall has a wider variety and gives you more shake for less baht. Many of the nighttime food stall areas have such a fruit shake cart, Chang Phuak, Hai Ya Gate, and this one on Suthep Road, South of Chiang Mai University. Visually this one wins hands down, kind of like something out of a Dr. Seuss book (or Nancy Chandler card) :) And variety is much better, with more kinds of fruit and vegetables. You can ask for any combination of fruits as well. In terms of quantity & taste, the fruit shake outlet at the 'Fai' evening food market inside Chiang Mai university also deserves a right honourable mention. I include an otherwise unrelated picture from Fai as well, mostly for its aesthetic value.

One thing though about ordering any kind of fruit juice or fruit shake in Thailand, especially lemon/lime juice and orange juice: Specify not to add any salt!! This may sound like it goes without saying, like who would mix fruit and salt... :-O Simple answer: Thais would! :-S Especially for sour fruits, and pineapple already qualifies as soury, a little pinch of salt is added to reduce sourness. Typically most Westerners don't like this. I forgot about this yesterday but fortunately the fruit shake girl was assertive and experienced enough to ask if I’d care for some salt in my shake.. Not bloody likely. :P

This stall looks pretty mobile, but for the time being it's open nightly on Suthep road on the stretch between the Canal Road intersection and Doi Suthep mountain, so the area near the back entrance to Chiang Mai university. 10 years ago or so this was already a bustling food market area, but then all the stalls were cleared in favor of orderly looking sidewalks.. Now many have returned, and it's again a very interesting area to go hunt for food!

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