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Thursday, 15-Jul-2004 00:00
Pa Thong Go breakfast pastry ("Chromosome Donuts")
In Thailand there are actually relatively few dishes that are really NOT commonly eaten for breakfast. 8-) Pretty much anything from fried rice to curries and noodles can be breakfast. There are however a few dishes that are more common. The thing that comes first to mind when you say 'Thai breakfast' would be 'khao tom', a plain rice soup that is eaten with various salty, soury and/or spicy side dishes. Many hotels that cater to a Thai clientele will have a khao tom section in their morning buffets.

But there are more typical breakfast things, like the pa thong go pastry I talk about today. Also this one may sit better with your average Western visitor as a breakfast choice, compared to rice soup with salty preserved eggs. :-D You will not find pa thong go exclusively during breakfast hours, it can be had as a snack or light meal pretty much any time of the day and night.

Pa thong go are little X-shaped fried pastry, a bit like a donut perhaps. They're eaten usually with sweet soy milk, or a custard cream. The most common custard cream is the green one which gets it's colour and flavour from the pandanus leaf. Just dip and eat. :-) Other things you can dip your pa thong go in would be strong sweet coffee or Ovaltine. Aside from the X-shaped (chromosome shaped) ones, most stalls also offer a round shape, often with some sesame seeds on top. They're very cheap, like 1 baht each and a couple of baht for the soy milk or custard cream. This particular stall where I took these pictures is located at Chang Phuak food market, at Chang Phuak gate in Chiang Mai. This one is in operation in the evening and deep into the night.

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