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Chang Phuak Kha Moo stall
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Chang Phuak Kha

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Tuesday, 27-Apr-2004 00:00
Kha Moo -- Pork meat & rice..
Here's a dish I never was very fond of but came to appreciate recently: Kha Moo, literally 'pork leg'. The meat is stewed with Chinese spices, then served over rice with some sour vegetables (shades of a German pork knuckle & sauerkraut come to mind), sometimes with a boiled egg and some sour-spicy sauce on the side.

This dish is mostly sold by small food stalls and you can find it all over the country. In Chiang Mai I think this particular food stall, located at the Chang Phuak evening food market is a very good bet. It's been very long running, and rather popular, so other stalls selling the same dish have sprung up around it. At the Chang Phuak food market there are at least 2 others selling only this dish!

Another reason why I started visiting Kha Moo shops more often is... my dog. Popular pork leg shops are invariably left with a huge pile of pork bones to discard.. and you guessed it, a couple of those, that I you can get for free, make my dog a very happy camper indeed.

Chang Phuak food market operates only in the evening, just North of Chang Phuak gate, the Northern city gate in Chiang Mai. Food is mostly very inexpensive, this Kha Moo dish goes for 20 baht standard, or 25 baht with egg. Or you can order a bigger serving of the pork meat, without rice, for 30 baht.

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